Lime Twist Salt - (2oz Glass Jar)

SD Gourmet - Lime Twist Salt
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In the eighteenth century, Scottish naval surgeon Sir James Lind learned by his observation of long-haul sailors that citrus fruits conquered the dreaded scurvy (lack of Vitamin C) which had devasted the ranks of the British navy more than any enemy.

Between 1795 and 1815, some 1.6 million gallons of lime juice drastically reduced the mortality rate of seamen. Along with their daily ration of rum, British sailors were required to consume a daily ration of lime juice; hence British seamen became known as limeys.

The natural flavor of lime is an international favorite. Thai food, margaritas, desserts... the uses are plentiful.

In cooking, lime is valued both for the acidity of its juice and the floral aroma of its zest. It is a very common ingredient in authentic Mexican,SouthwesternUnitedStates, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. It is also used for its pickling properties in ceviche. The use of dried limes (called blacklime orloomi) as a flavouring is typical of Persiancuisine and Iraqicuisine, as well as in Gulf-style baharat (a spice mixture that is also called kabsa or kebsa). Lime is an essential ingredient of any cuisine from India, and many varieties of pickles are made, e.g. sweetened lime pickle, salted pickle, and lime chutney.

SD Gourmet Lime Twist Salt is tart without being too sour. It is refreshing and versatile. Use to rim a drink glass, sprinkle on chicken or fish before grilling or add to a crisp salad for a surprising hint of citrus. Add some zest!

Available in the following sizes (includes dessicant pack to control humidity):

  • 2oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 2"x2"x3"
  • 8oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 3"x3"x4"
  • 2oz Refill Pouch - 3"x5" Resealable Poly Pouch
  • Bulk Purchase - Details upon request
  • Package Type: 2 oz - Glass Jar with Freshness Seal
  • Fill Volume: 1.5 oz
  • Color: Light Green
  • Ingredients: Sea salt and lime
  • Suggested Use: Desserts, drink rimmer, seafood, salads, Asian cuisine
  • Salt Crystal Character: Light, Sticky, Clumps, Flat-square
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