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SD Gourmet - Murray River Salt
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The River Murray is an ancient river, even by the time scale of geologists. It's origins date back about 130 million years ago. At this time much of Australia was submerged under a shallow sea, so that on the map it would have appeared as a group of islands rather than in its present shape. In that time the whole land mass started to rise out of the sea (about 100 million years ago). Salt water flowed away from the emerging land, back into the ocean and a river was born which would eventually become the present-day Murray. The major geological events affecting the character of the developing river were the formation of the Great Dividing Range of mountains and two enormous sedimentary basins - the Murray Basin and to the north, and the Great Artesian Basin.

The Murray-Darling Basin is about 250,000 square kilometres and is bounded by the Great Dividing Range to the east, and the Mount Lofty Ranges to the west. In the north it's separated from the Great Artesian Basin by an impermeable division. ...and thus, the source of Murray River Salt from SD Gourmet.

The Murray River is the greatest of Australia's rivers. The source of its water is the snowy Australian Alps. Salt is a natural feature in many Australian landscapes. The Murray-Darling Basin’s low rainfall and high evaporation have combined to concentrate salt in the groundwater.

SD Gourmet salt from the Murray River is produced naturally from the underground brines in the Murray Darling Basin. A red pigment, carotene, is secreted from the salt tolerant algae. The underground saline waters have been laying dormant for thousands of years. By utilizing these waters the environment is improved and a beautiful salt is produced. It can be used in products labeled "All Natural", has a delicate feel, and is a sought after addition for fine dining.

The crystals melt quickly and evenly making Murray River flake salt ideal for finishing, roasting, and baking.

Available in the following sizes (includes dessicant pack to control humidity):

  • 2oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 2"x2"x3"
  • 8oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 3"x3"x4"
  • 2oz Refill Pouch - 3"x5" Resealable Poly Pouch
  • Bulk Purchase - Details upon request
  • Package Type: 2 oz - Glass Jar with Freshness Seal
  • Fill Volume: 1.0 oz
  • Color: Light Pink Peach
  • Ingredients: Salt (Murray River, Australia)
  • Suggested Use: Finishing salt, salads, fruit, desserts, roasted vegetables, daily use
  • Salt Crystal Character: Hollow Stepped Tetragonal Pyramid, Flake, Dry
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