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SD Gourmet - Sel Gris
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SD Gourmet Sel Gris is light gray in color and almost the consistency of flour. This is a very delicate crystal that has a “buttery” feel and taste as it melts on your tongue. This is a terrific salt to top any dish, and its texture makes it ideal for snacks such as popcorn, sauces and salads.

You will naturally use less of this salt because the crystals are so fine, you get maximum flavor from a small amount of salt.

Sel Gris is collected in France using age old techniques, patience, and a good amount of hard work. To obtain the salt, very shallow basins about 6 inches (15 cm) deep are flooded with sea water, then the water is allowed to evaporate. As the water evaporates, salt crystals form on the surface. The slightest movement of the water -- say, by a breeze or a bird -- causes the salt to sink. The salt that sinks is called "Sel Gris" -- sea salt that has a grey colour from the shallow pools. Once collected, solar evaporation does the rest.

Global chefs and food enthusiasts use sel gris to enhance prepared food, and final presentation.

Available in the following sizes (includes dessicant pack to control humidity):

  • 2oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 2"x2"x3"
  • 8oz Glass Jar with Freshness Seal - 3"x3"x4"
  • 2oz Refill Pouch - 3"x5" Resealable Poly Pouch
  • Bulk Purchase - Details upon request
  • Package Type: 2 oz - Glass Jar with Freshness Seal
  • Fill Volume: 1.6 oz
  • Color: Grey
  • Ingredients: Sea Salt and all natural garlic powder
  • Suggested Use: Salt shakers, finishing, baking, spice blends, meats, seafood
  • Salt Crystal Character: Cubic, Clumps, Wet
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